Evergreen Drift Season Opener

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Evergreen Drift 2016 Season Opener



On March 20th, Evergreen Drift officially began it's 2016 drift season.  Although this event was only an open drift with no competitions, Evergreen saw a huge turn out. While amazing to see these numbers coming out to support the Evergreen Drift program, it pointed out areas of frustration with long wait times and a low amount of runs per group due to the high numbers.  The Evergreen staff was quick to acknowledge this and will be working to mitigate this issue hopefully for future events.  The griping could have also been fueled by the fact that no matter the amount of hopes and prayers, the Pacific Northwest doesn't give a sh*t and will rain all over you.  Weather watchers, including myself, were keeping our fingers crossed that it would just stay cloudy.  Alas, we were defeated.  The rain came down light and steady all day, not enough to be a burden but just enough to annoy.  Some of the drivers appreciated the savings of tires and money being able to run the same set of tires all day at the expense of rad plumes of tire smoke that would have made a great photo.  In the end every one had a great time, f*ck the weather onto the cars.



So the season has started, but the first competition isn't until April 9th.  This means drivers are still completing their builds, with some already out testing doing and shakedowns.  One of those drivers is Nate Snyder.  Nate's S14 was recently overhauled by SV Performance and is now equipped with a Vortech supercharged LM4 V8, pumping out some serious power to keep those tires pushing him sideways while committing seppuku.



This year is all about the V8 at Evergreen. It seems that the majority of the Evergreen Drift ProAm series cars will be running some version of a V8 platform.  It will surely level the playing field when it comes to brute power and really make it a drivers game.  Those who have been running V8's will have the advantage as others learn the new characteristics, but they always say steel sharpens steel.  So we will wait until the battles begin to make any judgments.


The beginning of the season also means that those winter builds and projects are coming out of hibernation.  Chassis's are adorned with fresh paint, catchy liveries, new aero, and snazzy wheels bringing some flash and style to brighten up these gloomy days.  Kristian Watkins showed up to party in a new stripper flake purple paint job courtesy of Nick Kennell at Villins Kustoms.


I can't tell you how stoked I am to see some style again!


Coming soon to Drift Life Magazine, will be a segment called "I-nertia - Pop your Hood" where we will showcase some of the amazing cars and drivers that come out of the Pacific Northwest.  In then next issue you can find out more about the following drivers:

Tyler Grimsley


Travis Reeder

Nate Snyder

Brandon Schmidt

and Dino Mercado


Enough banter, enjoy the photos!







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