EVD Open Drift April 4, 2016 - Evergreen Speedway

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EVD Open Drift - Tanning Lotion is not Sunscreen


Here is the thing.  I have been bitching about rainy drift days lately because, quite frankly, this winter sucked ass.  Not like freezing rain or snowed in status, but a never ending barrage of gloom and rain.  So when the day finally came to soak up the rays and inhale plumes of tire smoke (probably not healthy), did I plan for being in the sun all day?  Nah, I was high and dry with protection from those evildoer sky rays of death so I reached for the next best thing, tanning lotion.  While not the best thing I didn't feel too bad however considering some had zero protection at all and within a few hours they were a bit crispy.  Living in the Pacific Northwest will do a lot of things for you, one thing it won't do unfortunately is help your melanin levels.  So on that first day of amazing and glorious sun, your skin screams like a bitch and fries like bacon.  Where was I going with this, yea don't use tanning lotion as sunscreen.  

Anyways it was an amazing day at the track, truly it was.  It is the week before the first round of ProAm competition, which meant that there will most definitely be some of the more prepped chassis's getting in that final seat and testing time.  This would also mean that instead of taking soaking wet photos of cars slipping and sliding, I would be dry and there would be cars with gobs of power roasting the layers of rubber off their decaying radials and turning them into precious clouds filled with hate and adrenaline.  

Not only was that the case, but Cameron Moore came to the track in his Formula D spec 2jz Sc300 for some final runs and shakedowns before the long haul to California for the first round of the Formula Drift season. If you haven't been following Cameron's drifting career, after his rookie year in Pro2 he earned his Pro1 license and is moving up to the big show this year.  We wish him all the best on his adventure through the Formula D ranks.

Dio Ortiz II was out in his Nissan Parts, VQ35 powered, S13 and was looking very confident behind the wheel after bringing the car out of hibernation. Hitting the 5/8ths FD line his humble V6 put on quite a performance.  Very excited to see how he does in competition at Round 1 this Saturday, best of luck dude.

Tyler Grimsley and Travis Reeder both returned with their V8 powered S-chassis's. Tyler with a BC stroker LS3 in his hatch, and Travis with his huge 6.0 LQ9 will make a great addition to this years line up.  


Another familiar face is that of Brandon Schmidt. His ProAm spec 6.0 LS2 S13 is ready to kick the tires and light fires for this season. While taking it a bit easy in the off season, he showed off his new paint job at the Season Opener and announced the partnering with the Red Army Drift Team for the 2016 season. Brandon is a very natural driver and I will enjoy seeing his progression throughout the sport.


So much talent and style coming back out of the PNW, I have a feeling this will be an awesome year.  I just have to remember my sunscreen.

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