Hot Import Nights - Evergreen Speedway 2016

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Hot Import Nights 

For close to 20 years, Hot import Nights has been known as one of the pinnacles of the car show circuit.  Throughout the year the Hot Import Nights production staff travels the globe promoting and hosting these automotive festivities.  Coupled with drifting, autocross, gymkhana, model searches, and plenty of vendor merchandise, the HIN circuit always puts on a great show.  Along their seasonal journey they make a stop at Evergreen Speedway, a small town tucked away in the hills outside of Seattle, WA.  This was 1 of 2 stops that will be made here throughout the year, the next Hot Import Nights event will be held later this year and is dubbed Hot Import Daze.  This show would mark our first event hosting a booth, and to those who stopped by and checked out the amazing cars of Seth Hunt and Brandon Schmidt, picked up some merch, and said hello, we thank you.

Parked next to us was an amazing pair of E92 BMW's.  I couldn't help but stop on every pass taking photos to and admire these ultimate driving machines.  Being an E90 owner as my daily driver, seeing these two made those parts bugs start biting.

There were a lot of amazing builds out this year, and many of whom keep showing just how far they can keep pushing for the win.  One of those builders is Rob Kothenbeutel aka Rob Evo.  Every year Rob finds ways to improve and accent his insane Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and never walks away empty handed.   Rob recently made the switch from his Volk TE37's to a set of 19x10 +16 SSR SP4's which bring a much cleaner look, IMO.

While strolling the speedway I came across the Legacy Ohana car club.  It was kinda hard to miss them as the took up the most real estate for any car club in attendance, and you can clearly see why.  Their group of VIP and custom street tuned machines show that sometimes simple and subtel builds can be equally impressive.

As always, the Phantsy Kolors exhibition stole hearts and won trophies with their display of exotics and well executed builds.  The Nissan R35 and Ferrari 458 of J.J. Dubec are an inspiring site to behold.  Kitted with Liberty Walk LB Performance's finest and finished off by beautiful coats of BASF R-M paint, the pair drew the attention of everyone in attendance.

Also on display at the Phantasy Kolors booth a pair of RWB Porsche's that were crafted, assembled, and signed by Nakai San at the RWB Seattle location. 

The guys at RHD Specialties LLC out of Kent, WA showed up with lovely spread of Nissan R32's including this beauty.

Speaking of Skylines, if you missed it tucked away high on the bank, there was a Hakosuka sitting all by its lonesome begging to be photographed.

In the midst of all these cars littered around the track was this gorgeous Ducati bike.  I have never really shot any motorcycles before however this bike has really inspired me to pursue shooting more of them.

Now this wasn't all fun and games today, tooling around enjoying these machines. I had to shoot some models too.  I know, I know, its a shitty job but someones gotta do it.  

Aside from the show circuit, Hot Import Nights also promotes the models that accompany them on this adventure.  At each show a competition is held for who would be Miss Hot Import Nights for said location.  Along side the model search several clothing vendors also put on fashion shows to to advertise and display their work.  

The Miss Hot Import Nights competition had several phases where the contestants would come out in different outfits, tell the crowd a bit of information about them selves and strut their stuff across the stage.  As usual the bikini contest hyped the crowd up the most, with the models teasing the crowd and giving away HIN merchandise.

With the sun setting and LED lighting systems being fired up, it was time to make one more round before the final Miss Hot Import Night competition and award announcements.

It's always a cool sight seeing what custom lighting systems have been integrated into these builds.  You tend to see a bit of everything at these shows, from mild... wild...

...and even a bit playful

As final portion of the Miss Hot Import Nights commenced, the girls fired up the crowd and passed out more merch to their fans.

This portion of the Miss Hot Import Nights competition would be centered around evening wear. 

When the makeup settled, the judges agreed that the Stephanie Lazaro would emerge victorious and was crowned Miss Hot Import Nights Seattle 2016.

Please check out our full gallery of photos here:

Or enjoy the slideshow below and we will see you at Hot Import Daze later this year!





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