R32 Dyno Day

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Dyno Day at Intec Racing

After recently purchasing my R32 GTR through RHD Specialties, one of my top priorities was to have a new ECU installed and tuned.  Being that the car came from Japan, their fuel grade is slightly different from ours.  Just like the cars we covert so much, everything is better in Japan.  Their gasoline rating equates to about 96 RON in comparison to the 92 or 93 RON that can be found in most of the United States, or even 91 RON is you are unlucky enough to live in California.  With this difference in fuel it is very important to remap the ECU for the gas that is offered stateside, otherwise your shiny new toy may become a shiny new paperweight.  I had decided to go with an Apexi Power FC with hand held commander to take on this new duty of mapping and measuring the output and performance of my RB26DETT and for the tuning mastery I relied on the wizards at Intec Racing located in Kent, WA.

Tucked away in the highlands of Kent, WA, Intec Racing is your go to shop for any parts, tuning, or fabrication needs.  Lawrence and the rest of the crew at the shop are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and welcoming to those coming in for parts and service.  Being my first time at the shop I was really impressed with the comradery between the employees and their customers, and it didn't take long before I felt like we were all friends hanging out in the shop for the day.  Despite the good banter and conversations, when it came down to getting work done these guys were awesome.  It is always a little nerve racking taking your pride and joy to a shop that you have never been to, however their reputation in the community speaks for itself and I would recommend anyone to pay them a visit for any parts or service needs.  

Before any tuning began on my R32, the RB received a fresh set of spark plugs and a solid inspection to make sure she was up for the task at hand.  My stock catalytic converter had seen better days and by sheer luck they happened to have 1 test pipe in stock, maybe it was meant to be.  Without hesitation I gave the OK to have it installed, and seeing as how the vehicle is EPA exempt, the fear of emissions testing is not even a shadow of a worry for me. 

After the ignition timing had been verified and adjust it was time for Lawrence to work his magic on the laptop and feed the new parameters to my newly acquired Apexi unit.  After several runs you could hear the RB coming to life and begin to take on a whole new persona.  As I was filming each pull from my GoPro and D750, after the run I would catch smiles and slight giggles from Lawrence and Corey as they looked on at the progression being made on the screen.

 The boost was at 17 psi, however with the stock turbos on the RB26DETT having a ceramic turbines these levels can quickly wear out the turbos and the last thing you want are ceramic bits finding their way back into your block.  With my car having a HKS EVC boost controller installed, which has the ability to switch between two separate boost settings, we decided on a high boost setting of 15 psi and a low boost setting of 13 psi.  

After the final run of the day my mildly modified R32 GTR sat at 346.9HP and 292.6 TQto the wheels.  You can see where I have a small vacuum leak but she held pretty solid.

 To say I had a grin from ear to ear would be an understatement.  Up until this point I had been very careful as to not get it into high boost in order to protect my new investment, however on the post tune test drive we went through the gears up through 4th, and good lord she is ready to party.  I could not be happier with the professionalism of everyone at Intec Racing and the final outcome of today's tuning session.  If you ever need any service I highly recommend paying them a visit first!

On to the photos!  Be sure to keep an eye out for the footage from today's dyno runs.

View the full gallery of images here: http://www.i-nertia.co/p516061607

Or enjoy the slideshow below!


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