FormulaD Round 6:Throwdown Day 1 Practice

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FormulaD Round 6: Throwdown

Day 1 - Practice


Formula Drift returns once again to the quite rural town of Monroe, Washington.  At the center of Monroe lies a pinnacle of Pacific Northwest racing dating back to the mid 1950's, some call it home but you may know it as Evergreen Speedway.  This stop is always rad not only because it is in our backyard, but it serves as an awesome opportunity to catch up with friends and support their programs.  This would mark Round 6 in the Formula Drift Pro 1 season, which meant drivers are even hungrier for the much needed points going into the 7th and final round.  Friendships are set aside, and rivalries become more apparent with the pressure to take home the win.  Flashing back to last years Round 6: Throwdown, we saw an epic display of vehicular carnage when the drivers said F*CK IT ALL and and let their machines do the talking.

Tyler McQuarriev and Justin Pawlak 2015

What will be in store for this year???

 Going into this round we have the Norwegian Hammer, Fredrick Assbo, only 3 points away Vaughn Gitten Jr. and his Mustang RTR.  If Fredrick is able to repeat last years Round 6 and take home the gold this would give him the much needed edge in points for Round 7.  It would also help solidify the Auto and Tire Cup championship for SR by Toyota and Nexen Tires, both of which back Aasbo and his Papadakis Racing Toyota TC. 

We could see Chris Forsberg, who is currently sitting in 3rd place and 30 pts behind, sneak in to the lead with his V8 NOS Energy 370z.  Although at this point it could be anyone's game.

Who I would love to see make it to podium in this round is local driver Cameron Moore.  Cameron is a veteran of Evergreen Speedway and the Evergreen Drift program.  He rose through the ranks in the Evergreen Drift Pro Am series eventually winning his Formula Drift Pro 2 license.  In his first year driving in Pro 2 he put on an amazing show of driving skills earning him a Pro 1 license and a chance to drive in the big show.  The competition has been a whole new ball game from Cameron to adjust to, as he is currently sitting in 26th position, however I have a feeling that once Cameron gets back into the groove of Evergreen he is going to put on an awesome show for the fans and judges.

Practice overall went off without a hitch, although there were a couple drivers who forgot that it was only a practice day and pushed the envelope a little to early.  No catastrophic failures as of yet, but it is still only Day 1.  Tomorrow we see who came to party and who came to win.

Stay tuned for more coverage from FormulaD Round 6: Throwdown - Day 2 Qualifying.  


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